Fuster Franck

Maître de Conférences à la Faculté des Sciences et Ingénierie, Sorbonne Université.

General Presentation

water ELFThe TopMod package enables the calculation of the ELF function on a 3-dimensional grid, the assignment of the basins and the calculation of the basin populations and of their variance. It uses wave functions written in a wfn file which is available as output file generated by Gaussian92/94/98/03 and GAMESS ab initio softwares. The modules are written in FORTRAN 90 in order to enable dynamic memory allocation.

In order to carry out a standard ELF analysis three programs have to be run in the following order:

  • grid09: calculates ELF on a 3-D grid parallel to the standard axis defined in the MO calculation (this allows to exploit the factorization of the gaussian functions),
  • bas09: assigns the grid points to basins,
  • pop09: calculates the basin populations and variances.

The other modules do the following tasks:

  • top_sym: exploits abelian symmetry operations,
  • search09: localizes the critical points of the ELF gradient field,
  • mod_wfn: enables to remove atoms in the case of large systems in order to focuss the calculation on the region of interest,
  • sym_wfn: symmetrizes the wfn file for 2Π states of linear molecules,
  • bas_to_syn: assigns basin types from bas.sbf file,
  • sbf_to_cube: converts sbf files to cube files for Molekel,
  • sbf_to_am: converts sbf files to iam files for Amira,
  • wfn_to_line: generates a wireframe, stick or ball and stick molecular skeletons for Amira.
  • basin_prob: computes the probabilities of having ν electrons in given basins or group of basins.

Gaussian and GAMESS inputs


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