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28 August-2 September: First European Symposium on Chemical Bonding

This conference, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lewis model, intends to provide a large overview of the theories and methods that have been developed so far to get deep physicochemical insights into the nature of bonding. For more information, visit the website. NCI trainings will be available. Check here for more information, and register!

20 October 2015: Mini-workshop on "Chemical Concepts"

You can find all the information on here

Confirmed speakers:

  • Odile Eisenstein
  • Benoit Braida
  • Henry Chermette
  • Philippe Hiberty
  • Christophe Morell
  • Aurelien de la Lande
  • Angel Martin Pendas
  • Frank de Proft
  • Dennis Salahub
  • Bernard Silvi
  • Vincent Tognetti

25-28 June 2013: NCI Workshop (Paris)

Please find all information at Link

Note that a training will take place on the 25th June: Link

View of Paris from the Jussieu campus tower