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     Top_Mod  Program


I will adhere the following conditions upon receipt of the code:
  • I have the right to use this software on more than one computer.
  • I am allowed to supply a copy of the code to anyone. in this case I will inform the authors.
  • I understand that copyright and intellectual property rights are retained by the authors
  • I will inform the authors of any substantial improving modification of the code
  • I agree to use TopMoD for no profit purpose
  • I agree to fill the information form
  • I will not incorporate any part of the code in a commercial software
  • In any publication of the scientific litterature I will reference the program as follows:
S. Noury, X. Krokidis, F. Fuster and B. Silvi, TopMoD package,  
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, 1997


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