My research consists in theoretical developments of methods for the computation of linear and nonlinear optical properties of atoms, molecules and solids. I am in particular interested in ab-initio second-order nonlinear optics in solids and electron dynamics of atoms and molecules in strong laser field.

Ab-Initio Second-Order Nonlinear Optics in Solids

I study second-harmonic generation spectroscopy in TDDFT framework for solids with different levels of description of the many-body interactions. Starting from the independent-particle approximation (IPA) I show which are the effects of including quasiparticle effects via the scissors operator, crystal local fields and excitons.

Electron Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules in Strong Laser Field

I am developing a time-dependent quantum chemistry approach to predict and understand the motion of electrons under laser excitations and to calculate high-harmonic generation spectra.