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Full Professor

After studying at ECPM - Strasbourg and University of Paris Descartes (DEA in organic chemistry), I undertook a Ph.D. at the University of Nantes under the supervision of Dr. Jean Villéras, working on stereoselective allylboration reactions. After graduation (1997) and a post-doctoral period (1998-99) at the Universita degli studi di Milano (Italy), under supervision of Prof. Cesare Gennari, I was appointed by University of Rouen Normandie in 1999 as Maître de Conferences (lecturer). I got involved in projects of synthetic organic chemistry, dealing with dearomatization reactions, cycloadditions and high pressure organic chemistry. I received my Habilitation in 2009 and turned Full Professor in 2014. In september 2017, I joined the LCT at UPMC/Sorbonne University as CNRS researcher (« délégation CNRS »). For more details, download my CV (see left column !).

Research activity

My research activity focus on the development of new synthetic methodologies involving dearomatization by cycloadditions ((4+2), (3+2) and tandem processes) and nucleophilic additions with the aim of accessing rapidly novel tridimensional scaffolds from easily available aromatic compounds. High pressure synthesis is often used in that context to accelerate sluggish reactions and chemical transformations that are otherwise impossible to achieve. Here are the details of my last papers :