Teaching organic chemistry using orbitals presentation of a free database of molecular orbitals.

Interface of Orbimol available at http://www.lct.jussieu.fr/pagesperso/orbimol

Through this website, we hope to encourage Chemistry educators to use molecular orbitals (MO) as soon as possible. For this purpose, we propose a free molecular orbital database containing nearly 740 molecules especially designed for chemical education. The interface is designed for easy use in total autonomy and the molecules are divided into headings that have a chemical meaning (diatomic, VSEPR, transition metal, Walsh diagrams, symmetry group …). The display of the MO diagram, the choice of the MO (HOMO/LUMO, first…), the symmetry and the cutoff are choices allowed by a simple click. Although, vibration modes are available for a set of typical molecules. OrbiMol allows to capture the virtual visualization of a molecular orbital (JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF formats) but also to pass into the real world thanks to a 3D printer. The high pedagogical potential of this option is significant.

OrbiMol screenshot gallery