Organic chemistry

We are interested in understanding and characterizing mechanistic features associated to the reactivity of organic molecules. A special attention is given to the description of the electron density using various interpretative tools. Studies are carried out in various field of organic chemistry.

The project « RHOCKY » financed by the ANR, animated by Gilles FRISON at LCT in collaboration with Bastien Nay from Laboratoire de Synthèse Organique à Polytechnique, has recently started and deals with « Hock and interrupted Hock reactions: mechanisms, reaction design and synthetic applications ». It is the subject and financement source of Agathe FAYET’s doctoral research.

Isabelle Chataigner sudies cycloaddition and other rearrangements to better understand the factors determining their selectivity, in close collaboration with her « mother » laboratory, IRCOF in Rouen.

Acid catalysis (Brönsted or Lewis using InCl3) has recently been a subject of interest in the framework of transnitrilation in collaboration with A? Favre-Réguillon (Lyon)